United States of America

We network with organizations and individuals all over America who help collect food and raise money for hunger relief. We own warehouse's and have received donations of warehouse space which allow us to package, sort and distribute food. We also network with groups, associations, churches corporations, institutions and businesses to help us distribute the food to large cities and into rural America.

We don't fight hunger alone. We count on our volunteers who respond by donating thousands of hours every year to help stop hunger. Our volunteers work hard sorting groceries, breaking down pallets and packing food into sacks that are picked up or delivered to families. Our volunteers cook and prepare hot-meals that provide food for individuals and families.

We put our heart and soul into this program to maximize every dollar that is donated. Every contribution makes a huge impact in the lives of those struggling to make ends meet. It is the love and support of our volunteers and donors that is the backbone of our Joseph House Community Food Bank. We are thankful for all of this support that reaches into our neighborhoods giving a helping hand to those in need. Americans have managed to put food on the table for our neighbors by donating the precious gift of time.

In America we stand together to make a stand for those in need!