Our Strategy

Devoted to the care of orphans - children; emergency food and medical aid for refugee camps; comfort those in mourning; Support vision 2020 to rebuild Rwanda.

Our Work

Refugee Camps, HIV Clinics, Prisons, Orphanages; ship containers of humanitarian aid including food and clothing.

The Context

Today, Rwanda finds itself at a crossroads, moving from the humanitarian assistance phase associated with the 1994 genocide into one of sustainable development. Since 1994, the Government of Rwanda has stabilized the political situation, while putting the economy back on track with considerable assistance from development partners. Economic growth, alone, is not sufficient to bring about the necessary rise in standard of living of the population. To vanquish hunger and poverty, growth must be Pro-Poor, giving all Rwandan's the chance to gain from the new economic opportunities. Vision 2020 aspires for Rwanda to become a modern, strong and united nation, proud of its fundamental values, politically stable and without discrimination amongst its citizens.

  • Reconstruction of the nation and its social capital anchored on good governance, underpinned by a capable state
  • Transformation of agriculture into a productive, high value, market oriented sector, with forward linkages to other sectors.
  • Development of an efficient private sector spearhead by competitiveness and entrepreneurship.
  • Comprehensive human resources development, encompassing education, health and ICT skills aimed at public sector, private sector and civil society. To be integrated with demographic, health and gender issues.
  • Infrastructural development, entailing improved transport links, energy and water supplies and ICT networks;
  • Promotion of regional economic integration and cooperation.