Our international food bank is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. There we receive, package, load, and ship clothing and dried food to different countries all over the world. The food is shipped via container through our network ministries and then distributed by our network churches established in those countries. Our missions teams work directly with our international feeding program. Our church goes into these countries and establishes relationships with churches in international communities that are ready and willing to accept food to distribute to their communities. Since the start of our international program in 2013 we have shipped 63 containers of food and clothing to countries all over the world with the help of our network ministries.

Year # of Containers # of Meals Donation Amount Weight Countries
2017 13 3,564,000 $823,995 544,500 Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
2016 14 3,900,960 $997,275 602,140 Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
2015 10 2,773,440 $689,991 428,724 Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
2014 14 3,617,440 $924,806 563,242 Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
2013 12 2,852,800 $672,396 441,018 Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
Total 63 16,708,640 $4,108,463 2,579,624


If you support what we do and would like to donate into our ministry you can do so here online or by mail. Those that make the commitment to faithfully contribute allow us to supply more food and reach more people. We are truly thankful for every person that is able to sow seed into this ministry and we pray that God will honor your contribution and continue to bless and multiply every area of your life. Individuals and organizations that want to donate time to serve can also do so. Our network ministries make the commitment to partner with us to reach people for Jesus. By partnering with other organizations we are able to expand into more communities and provide more food to those in need. Those who want to volunteer time are welcome to come join us. We have several different opportunities available for volunteers to serve the community. We have opportunities to distribute food and also to help package the food we distribute.

International Warehouse

 604 S 12th St Broken Arrow, OK  74012-4404

(918) 210-6104