Our Strategy

Transition from emergency assistance to long-term support that helps rural communities, entrepreneurs and youth to build a stronger, more self-sufficient country.

The Context

The devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, resulted in more than 220,000 deaths (according to Haitian Government figures), including 96 UN peacekeepers, and displaced nearly 1.7 million people (estimated) and injured thousands. This earthquake delivered a severe blow to the country's already shaky economy and infrastructure. The earthquake dealt a tragic blow to a country where 55% of the population already lived below poverty line of $1 a day. Still struggling to rebuild, many families have no means to support themselves. Harmful environmental practices have also harmed the country's vital agricultural land, decreasing production and leading to increased food insecurity.

Our Work

Emergency response reached countless numbers of people with emergency supplies and clean water. Sent construction crews into Haiti to help rebuild the country. Donated funds to help orphanages for Haitian children. Visited public school's all ages working ministering with children. Helped establish missions compound which hosted multiple organizations from all over the world allowing them to bring much needed help into Haiti.